Stewardship Ministry is responsible to provide support, coordination, and vision-keeping in the planning and administration of the stewardship of our church resources.  This responsibility lies in three areas.

  1. Operating income – provide the leadership needed to obtain the annual pledges that provide funds required to continue church operations. This is often referred to as EMC, which stands for Every Member Canvass.
  2. Building and Maintenance – in cooperation with the Pastor and other church staff, ensure that the church’s buildings, grounds, equipment and systems are appropriately maintained.    When necessary repairs and improvements cannot be completed by church staff or volunteers, help the church staff to obtain contractors.
  3. Capital Campaigns – provide leadership and operational support for capital campaigns that address church maintenance and improvements that cannot be supported by the annual budget.  Provide or enroll leadership to complete capital projects.

Committees that operate under or within the Stewardship Ministry include the EMC/Generosity Team, the Garden Committees, the Green Team and the Work Days Team.

What is Stewardship and Generosity?

We are recipients of gifts and blessings who are expected to responsibly use as well as share that which has been entrusted to us.  “To whom much is given, much is required.” Excerpts from Stewardship for Vital Congregations by Anthony Robinson Stewardship as a spiritual practice—a practice of growing in generosity, in giving and in sharing with open hands and open hearts. Consider the “offering” as a part of worship.  Our offering of time, money, our lives, prayers are in response to God’s grace.  It reflects the relationship we have with God. Generous giving is sometimes inspired by having our eyes open to just how full, how blessed, how overflowing life really is.

We always welcome your joyous and generous support.  If you want to learn more or be part of any of these efforts, contact
Clay Reese, Stewardship chair, here:

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