What it is:

EPH in Green Bay is supported by eighteen churches, each responsible for an apartment in a quiet neighborhood close to local schools.  In most cases, the apartments are owned by EPH, but churches provide oversight and maintenance for short terms while families are preparing to transition  into permanent housing.  Most families are headed by a single mother.  Families typically have personal and financial problems which are dealt with by social workers from The Salvation Army.

Union is responsible for Jubilee House, the first house to offer long-term residency – a year or more.  When a client moves into a permanent apartment, our coordinator assesses the condition of the apartment and calls for volunteers for the clean team, which prepares the apartment for the new resident.  On the day the new resident moves in a hot meal is provided, along with grocery staples, to get the family started.  Our maintenance person works with the tenant to maintain the property, shoveling snow, raking leaves, etc. and to check periodically the smoke detectors, heating and plumbing systems.  The Salvation Army which provides services needed by the tenant: counseling for debt reduction, preparation for GED, job interview preparation, arrangements for child care.  The typical length of residency is two to six months, but there is no set term.

How to get involved:

Contact Union Church delegate Lisa Krueger to get involved.