What is the Stewardship Ministry accountable for?

  1. Provide the leadership needed to obtain the annual pledges* that provide the funds required to continue church operations
    1. Work closely with the Treasurer each year as Union’s operating budget is prepared in the fall and voted on in January.
    2. Insure that the annual budget pledge drive is organized and completed
  2. Maintenance of church property.  (Shared with Pastor and Buildings & Maintenance Supervisor)
    1. Support Garden Committee/”Weeders”
    2. Support Congregation Work Days Team
    3. Support Green Team
  3. Lead Capital Projects execution and fund raising when our facilities need major repairs or improvements.

Committees that are part of Stewardship:

  1. Capital Maintenance Projects Team:  Jeff Carels, Leader.
  2. Generosity Team:  Bruce Shafer, Jeff Gibson, John Shier, Larry Rose

*  The annual pledge drive that provides funds for Union’s operating expenses has often been referred to as the EMC, which is an acronym for Every Member Canvass.  A.K.A. Generosity Campaign.