Dear Union Friends,

As we make the case for encouraging your continued financial support of our church this year, I’m particularly struck by how vividly Union has lived this year’s pledge campaign theme, “Love Your Neighbors. No Exceptions.”

What sets Union apart is not our commitment to the idea of the greatest commandment, it’s our commitment to profoundly living it out.

Loving our neighbors without exception was at the core of our hard decision to worship exclusively online from March of 2020 through May of 2021, and why we continue to engage in best practices around public health.

Loving our neighbors without exception is what inspired the installation of the Blessing Box, through which Union members provide vital food and hygiene resources to people in our neighborhood without sacrificing their pride and without monitoring their qualifications for assistance.

And, after the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many others, loving our neighbors without exception was what compelled our congregation to commit to ongoing anti-racism work.

Our financial needs continue to grow as we strive to put flesh on God’s love, all with an aging building and rising costs of wages and health insurance.

Know that your generosity matters, and that it is through increased pledges that Union will be able to continue our bold, faithful, transformative work of loving our neighbors without exception.

In Joyful Hope,
Pastor Bridget Flad Daniels

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